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Download Full Free Noah's Bottle 1.074 Full Apk + OBB Data – Android Games by Rnova Studio.


Noah's Bottle An automatic note-generating rhythm game for mobile devices. There was a beautiful island surrounded by the azure ocean and various creatures lived happily in that fecund place. However, because of scrambling for power and profit by human being, the land was eventually doomed to destruction.

A girl playing Shamisen named Sakura showed up. She was forced to be separated from her homeland by the disaster. And she has been drifting alone in the sea until she met the Genies of Bottle. Every time when she plays the music well, the Genie would be able to collect the music energy and use it to lead her back home.

The carecteristicas that Noah's Bottle offers are the next:

*Music notes generated from the music in your device.
*Each Genies of Bottle brings different music patterns and game levels.
*Self-edit game pattern function helps to create unique game play.

YOUTUBE: Noah's Bottle (iOS/Android) Gameplay HD

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Noah's Bottle Apk Download

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