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Sun, seaside beach, bungalow and palm trees. It is an idyll, happy story isn’t it? Not really, and you will soon know why. The uncharted paradise is full of mysteries and puzzles. Look, what is there? A common windmill or a trap made by a crazy scientist? Don’t get evolved in his dark ritual that ushers in the doomsday!This island quest is highly appreciated by millions of players and its unchildish exciting quest story combines perfectly with the cute graphics. ABOUT THE GAME:
• Turn a desolate beach into a seaside town
• Improve your warehouse and fill it with useful materials
• Master agriculture and harvest tons of vegetables and fruits. Become a rural tycoon!
• Find some hidden treasures – jewels and gems. Crafting system allows to create a firm shovel and a pick to dig the soil
• Save agriculture from pests attack and store up some hay for your cows
• Build up elite houses for all island inhabitants. Each building will make them happy
• Dig into deep caves. Don’t be afraid of darkness!
• Help the farmers to know where the highest pine tree grows
• Don’t forget to build a converter, incubator, bakery and mill
• Cut out the weeds to make the farm look fabulous.
• Here on the lost island your family Robinson will help you to survive. Let the doomsday never come.
• Complete island quest and you will see: you can earn money even with one pig caught
• Use every opportunity to pass this quest story. Be the most fabulous survivor!
• Be cunning and wise – investigate the mysterious island experiments!
• Don’t let a disaster happen and the sinister darkness cover the lost civilization.
• Dive into happy story! It will be an unbelievable vacation!

A queer darkness covering the cute island holds dreadful secrets. The town you are leading to is being evaded by the natives. They know that anyone can disappear in the jungles: from a lost pig to their family. The disaster was predicted by the tribe’s shaman long ago. Take a vacation immediately! A peaceful resort needs your help. Use your imagination and think as if you were a detective. The island adventure await!
You will never be bored at this island quest, as you will have a lot of hard work to approach closely to the mystery. Erect a building for the survivor and collect hay for farmers. And then you will have to reach a lost uncharted base in the swamp that carries forbidden experiments far from civilization. And after that you will have an opportunity to find some jewels in a hidden cave.
While the sun is shining and your friends are with you, pay attention to the town. One of your mates will master agriculture and sow vegetables, the second one will arrange the warehouse. The third will help you to guard the fields from a malicious crab when you are busy with crafting.
A disaster has happened! The population is in a flap! One of the ancient totems showed a cave which had been lost a long time ago. An eerie fear occupies the souls of natives and darkness covers their hearts. The shaman predicts a doomsday, but you will not let it come, will you?
Here jn the lost island the survivor will go through dizzy adventures. A rash chase, gems and jewels, strange neighborhood, happy farmers and magic crafting!
The Experiment game is all about adventures and the rural life and childish appearance of the Robinson family is combined with an intricate but happy story. Can you prevent the doomsday? Let’s see!

What’s New

Brave explorers!
There are new possibilities ahead! Explore new Islands, learn the secrets of the mysterious Totems and unveil the truth.
* Build a ship and sail to enormous Indian Archipelagos.
* Explore the islands. Who knows what mystries can be discovered there?
* New chests and treasures! Earn diamonds, doublons and Indian rubies.

Additional information

September 9, 2015
1,000,000 – 5,000,000
Current Version
Requires Android
4.0 and up
Content Rating
Rated for 3+


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