The 5 best antivirus for your computer

Have a antivirus is a compulsory subject for anyone to surf the internet from your computer or device. Contemplates these players.

The digital space is increasingly insecure, which takes relevance if we bear in mind that much of our day to day what we do in this virtual world; not only for work, but to entertain you, inform us, sharing with friends and family, or by mere entertainment. For this reason that the protection of our team and our information is vital to the health of our information.

Computer viruses and, in general, any kind of threats, known as malware, they are a constant on the network, and the use of antivirus programs - and other protections - are necessary.

But how do you choose? What is the best? What features should I use? Are some of the most frequently asked questions in choosing one (in addition to the economic issue), why we show you this brief comparison with some of the most popular products and dependable in the market.


It is considered by experts as one of the options more reliable by the 15 years of experience in the market of computer security, which allows you to offer users the solutions more suited to every personal need.

Kaspersky Antivirus 2015, program for internet surfers individuals, including protection against email spam, threats of hackers and different types of viruses, which also protects in real time against malicious files, e-mail attachments, web scripts, content of instant messaging, and more action.

It also provides graphical aid that can be very useful during the navigation, as it shows icons in search engine results that they warn you about dangerous sites and it acts to prevent phishing attacks (fraud).

It also has a functionality (System Watcher) that, words more or less, protect your files against modifications suspicious, creating a backup of the original, and if you find that these changes are malicious removes malware but keeps your files intact.

In the end, you can check yourself, because Kaspersky has a policy of "try before you buy", by allowing you to check its effectiveness during a limited time and no strings attached for a future purchase.


Another of the options in the last few years have been placed on the taste of the users is Bitdefender Antivirus 2015, and it is thanks to the fact that it is a suite of security versatile and complete, in which emphasizes ability to toggle between work and play, without one or the other is interrupted by the security analysis, or the configuration of the settings.

That is to say, protects and optimizes the PC silently and without the need to apply to their work, without affecting the performance of the system. In addition, it provides an excellent protection against malware and account with a simple interface and functional.

Your Plus version 2015 has gone well planted before the tests performed by independent laboratories AV-Comparatives, AV-Test and West Coast Labs, and has been highlighted in the automatic protection to navigate on platforms such as Google and Facebook, the protection against identity theft, phishing, and theft of passwords and private information online.


It is another old acquaintance of the users, due to its supply of anti-virus software is always quality and competitive, particularly with regard to the fight against spyware and malicious users; and offers a wide range of products to protect equipment against any threat.

Provides firewall, anti-spam, identity security and all the main functions that must meet a good antivirus. This version has a high rate of detection of viruses and spyware, without demanding too many computer resources, in addition to offering affordable services for any pocket and with the guarantee of a permanent service.

But despite these details, remains one of the options within the top 3 of best antivirus 2015.


Anyone who has installed a AVG antivirus in your smartphone will agree that it is one of the options required, and not just because it's one of the brands with a wide community of users, but by their effective protection against malware - and because the clean efficiently-, works in the background without notes, its toolbar offers a safe search and some extra features such as "Do Not Track", "View of Facebook" and other, equally competitive and practices.

However, everything has a but, and this AVG antivirus is no exception. It is difficult to be installed on systems already infected with malware, unlike other software; and in addition, contrary to what one would expect from a service of pay, your service options to the consumer are expensive and not very precise, so that it could cause some inconvenience if you need technical support.

In spite of their features and additional capabilities that increase their value and a protection of first; and that once installed does a good job of cleaning and protection of the system, the problems to be installed on systems infected with malware you subtract points and not placed as one of the main options; but it is still seen as one of the best products in the industry.


Both the free version as Pro of this virus have been gradually put in taste and confidence of the home user and enterprise -reviews the end of each of the emails that you receive at work and czech how many of them are backed by Avast-, due to the fact that provides the essential security to protect the PC and data against viruses, malware and other threats.

It also offers the ability to remove those pesky bars up to the browser, as well as updates, network security, and clean the browser of spam. In previous versions you are criticizing the lack of a control function anti-phishing, identity theft, but work at this point and now even offers solutions that prevent you're redirected to a fake website or collection of passwords.

The advantage of having this service is that daily updated its data base. However, many users suggest that this antivirus consumes many resources of the PC, which can be annoying on the occasions when you need your equipment operating at maximum.

What you must know

Before choosing any protection software is important to have these points into consideration:

 good antivirus should be

- Effective in its database upgrade to rapidly detect any viruses, malware, spam or threat of phishing.

- Effective in removing any kind of threat or existing infection in your device.

- Able to integrate backups (back-ups) and their service has to be integrated with email.

- Able to protect your data by preventing the theft of identity and information, you must safeguard your IP address and offer secure transactions.

- Self-sufficient enough to have a threads-cleaning threats and able to combat the threats of spam, spyware and computer malicious.


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