Instagram adds novelties to direct messages

Users of the social network can share images directly with a friend or a group of people and exchange responses of text or pictures.

Instagram joined the Tuesday new features that will allow its users exchange messages in private and conversations group, at a time when the service to share photos and video by internet searches for compete with the rapid growth of Snapchat.

The update of Instagram, which has more than 300 million users, is the latest step in a battle which is intensified by attract young audiences with his rival Snapchat, which has 100 million users and continues to grow.

With the new features, users of Instagram can share images directly with a friend or a group of people and exchange responses of text or pictures, which the company, owned by Facebook Inc hopes that it will lead to its users stay longer on your web site or in its application for mobile devices.

Users not only want to see

Young users of smartphones and tablet are increasingly interested in send messages to their friends and hold conversations online, instead of simply watching content.

Up to 40 percent of the comments posted on Instagram mentions to other accounts, the company said, suggesting that many users want to notify its known on some content and start discussions in this regard.

The measure is known a week after that Instagram has revamped its service to allow new formatting options, in addition to its classic square for photos and videos,

what was seen as a decision to compete better with Snapchat. Snapchat, which is popular in part because the messages on their platform disappear after a few seconds, already offered a variety of formats of video and pictures. 

Earlier this year, Snapchat improved its service for users to exchange text messages in response to photos and videos.


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