¿How to create mobile applications without being a programmer?

If lately you have had many ideas that might turn into a successful application, now you them can make real with these app builder.

For users of smart devices that want to create an application to your extent there is a world of platforms tailored to make them step by step without the need to be a programr or developer from this type of tools.

Mobile applications have become an interesting resource and practical within the mobile world. Are tools that provide a service, and although several require a payment for download, there are also free. But do not always give with appropriate for what we need. Are you ready to create one?

The developers have created in recent years an interesting niche around the applications, and offer platforms that operate as templates creators of mobile tools, apps generators of apps, better known as app builder.

¡Hands to the work!

If you already have an idea of what you want to do just the manager of your work. We will review those platforms that will help you shape a mobile tool, available both for novices in the topic as for those who have some idea of development.

1. AllJoyn

It is an open source software that professes the collaborative work by providing a basis for the creation of tools that can be easily bind with other languages. It is intended for persons who have some knowledge in development and on all who have worked before with Linux, however the basis of the code is simple and allows you to discover devices, link, route messages and generate security method.

Users that lend themselves to the experience will be able to exchange information and configurations with other peers, learning about other devices, form part of a network of users, manage a control panel, etc. ) may be generating working groups in collaboration with an idea. In the page of the site you can visit all the projects that are running (https://allseenalliance.org/showcase-products-using-alljoyn).

2. Goodbarber

It is an ideal service for the newbies. Gives you everything you need to create and design step by step your own mobile application available for Android or ios (those that use Windows Phone will have to choose another app builder).

Here it is not necessary to know absolutely nothing about programming or development, as well as design itself, since there is only to choose among the options offered by the software and give you click the "Next" button until you get the finished product.

As a plus: You can add to your app mobile other tools that make it more interesting as links to YouTube, WordPress, Twitter or Facebook, among other social networks. In addition you can create an application in popular use, such as an internal application for the company where you work, where you provide a mobile service to employees.

While the implementation of your idea will require an investment costs are minimal and you can even take bids for novice as well as advanced. In fact, those who already have information about web development can opt for a plan that includes a version for iPad, CMS internal and monetizador, access to content API and setting API, among other options.

3. AppMachine

This platform allows you to create and design with ease as in the previous case. Sum to the proposal a scanner of your web site to read your interests and garments from scratch a app native containing all what you offer.

The result is a tool available to IOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. Another interesting option that sum is a promoter of your app, so that only you will need to make sure that accounts with the licenses required for the tool to work and the platform is responsible for promotion by means of a screenshot.

It forms your idea

As these platforms there are many more. It is a matter of seeking the that fits your needs, you seem more simple of use and that will offer you more options that you might not have thought to enhance your tool.

The app builder open a window for those who do not know of the complex world of programming languages to carry out their ideas. As disadvantage, anything that gives us the freedom to create without knowledge does not allow us to escape from a structure, therefore we are not the inventors of gunpowder nor assures us to become great entrepreneurs with a mobile tool. 

Even so, the great technological inventions were born with a mind that had an idea and with the possibilities that approached when this appeared to be attractive to certain sectors of the industry. Then, to create has been said!


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