¿Fanatic of the football? 7 apps to be informed

With these applications you can be aware of what happens in the Copa America, as well as the rest of the international football. You download them!

The soccer activity of the world is practically stopped in its local leagues, and does not owe precisely to the scandal of corruption that there shakes to the maximum organism of the international soccer, but to that the national teams prepare for themselves for the clashes of the diverse international competitions.

Mexico and the American continent are no exception, and there are only a few hours to go before the start of the Copa America Chile 2015, the event of football more important of the American soil.

And as in the world of Brazil last year, social networks and buildings technologies will form an important part, especially for fans of this sport, as they will be able to keep abreast of all the information and results of this tournament.

If you're the kind of person that needs to be kept updated of everything that happens in your favorite team or the results of the league of your country, we present you some applications very complete in order to continue up to the minute information.

For it we show you some of the mobile applications that you can unload to know every detail of the glass:

1. OpiTrends App

This application allows users to be informed about the markers comment with friends on the performance of the players, give them a performance rating, see trends of views and the ranking of scores on the date to find out which are the best players elected by the users themselves.

2. Pronostica Chile 2015

It is a continuation to the saga of apps of predicts (the initial development in 2014 and was one of the most downloaded to the World). It is a platform that delivers information on the parties, timetables, groups, forecasts, the ranking of the games and the trends of the forecasts for other users, with the main objective of allowing making forecasts and bets, between different groups and that can be private or public.

To stay informed of this tournament, as well as activity in the rest of the football of the world, when resume their seasons, you can also download these apps on your smartphone:

3.- 365 Scores

Without a doubt, one of the apps more complete than there are in the market. Creandote a user in 365 Scores (you can enter directly with Facebook or Google ), you will have the ability to view content referred to the clubs and leagues that you choose.

In addition, this tool offers you automatic alerts to know when it starts or ends a party and the actions highlighted the same (goals, penalties, admonitions, expelled). In its section videos also you can see the out-standing moves.

4.- Soccer Scores

Another good application to stay informed of the major leagues and teams in the world. With Soccer scores you'll have live results with updates instantly and all the statistics in the party. You can also check the top scorers in the various tournaments and tables of classifications.

The negative point is that the information on some leagues are not translated into Spanish and must be read in its original language.

5. Forza Futbol

If you like the women's sport this app is for you. With more than 400 leagues from all over the world offers day's news and statistics.

The main feature of this app is that between the leagues appear competitions female, something that the difference from the rest. At the same time, invites fans to interact with fans of other teams and participate in polls and votes.

6. OneFootball

Like the other applications you have access to information related to more than 400 football leagues and teams. Its main feature is the flow of information that operated with an average of 500 articles per day.

Each team has their custom page and there are also player profiles with statistics. Another interesting resource is the forum for fans where you can predict the parties and read the trends that are generated with TipsterHero.

7. Ligas de Futbol Pro!

This application developed by Konex Apps is characterized by its estrema simplicity and the large amount of data that handles. More than 130 leagues from all over the world can be viewed with instant results and the table of updated classifications. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of this tool is that it allows you to customize the search by computer, and you don't sample formations or news at the last minute.


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