Solar System Explorer HD Pro v2.6.31 APK

Soar into space and visit dozens of planets, moons and asteroids on an exciting journey through our solar system. High definition graphics and atmospheric music will make you feel like you are there!

This pro version of Solar Explorer includes more spacecraft, more functions and has no ads!

Exclusive elements of this complete edition★ HD Graphics solar system★ 3D high resolution of latest phones and tablets★ dedicated tablet mode★ Many more spacecraft to explore and learn, including NASA Dawn, Cassini and Juno★ A lot of information and facts about our solar system★ A calculator to find the planets on important days, as his birthdayCharacteristics★ educational introduction to the solar system Ideal for children★ virtual model of the solar system with a diagram of the orbit of the planet and the simulator orbit of the solar system★ View objects smaller and larger solar system, including planets, moons and asteroids★ moon and the planet made an interesting discovery, such as weights planet (mass)★ Learn the systems of systems, moon and solar planets★ High-quality 3D graphics of the solar system★ simulation planet's surface constructed from real images taken by telescopes or NASA probes★ An impressive soundtrack to accompany you on your journeyThe places you will visit★ The Sun★ Mercury★ Venus★ Earth and Moon★ Mars and its tiny moons Deimos and Fhobos★ asteroids Ceres and Vesta★ Jupiter and its moons Callisto, Europa, Ganymede and Io★ Saturn and Mimas, Tethys, Enceladus, Dione, Rhea, Titan and Iapetus moons★ Miranda Uranus and its moons, Umbriel, Ariel, Oberon, Titania★ Neptune's moon Triton and Proteus★ Pluto and its moon Charon★ And you will have the opportunity to catch up with the Voyager probe NASA




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