Assassin’s Creed London Gangs

Assassin's Creed London Gangs l Version: 1.3 | Size: 21.49MB Developers: Ubisoft Entertainment | Language: English

Plunge into the exciting new setting of the upcoming Assassins’ Creed Syndicate: the gritty, grimy world of Victorian London’s criminal underbelly. Join with your friends to form a powerful gang and work together to gain control over Victorian London’s 35 Districts.
Find and decode the 35 postal codes encrypted in Morse Code and hidden all over the web in:
– Tweets
– Videos and artwork
– Popular Websites
– Influent Blogs
– Facebook posts
With each postal code you find, your gang’s influence and territory grows!
Plus, find and decode the 7 Hidden words encrypted in Morse Code and reveal the dark hidden truths behind Victorian society to unlock Special Abilities that let you:
– Attack enemy gangs to take over their territory
– Defend your territory from attacks
– Spy on your rivals be decoding Morse Code messages
– Sabotage others
– Enlist mercenaries to help you
– Make alliances to grow your gang’s territory
– And more!
Your ultimate goal: control all of London and take the city back from the grasp of Victorian London’s Templar elite.
Start your gang and join the fight by downloading this free app now!

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